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nnp@voiper-0.07$ cat ReleaseNotes.txt 
VoIPER is a security toolkit that aims to allow developers and security researchers 
to easily, extensively and automatically test VoIP devices for security vulnerabilties. 
It incorporates a fuzzing suite built on the Sulley fuzzing framework, a SIP torturer
tool based on RFC 4475 and a variety of auxilliary modules to assist in crash detection and 
debugging. It is cross platform and usable via a command line interface on Linux, Windows
and OS X or a GUI on Windows. The primary goal of VoIPER is to create a toolkit with all
required testing functionality built in and to minimise the amount of effort an auditor
has to put into testing the security of a VoIP code base.

This is a beta release and has not been tested as extensively as I would like. That said,
it includes a number of new and useful fuzzers as well as a new SIP backend that greatly
increases protocol compliance and the ability to traverse the state tree of different 
request types. It also means that protocol based crash detection is much more reliable 
than before. Certain clients are quite odd in how they respond to fuzzing though (Ekiga
for example) and as a result process based crash detection is still recommended where
possible to avoid false positives.

Also in this release it is possible to register with a server before beginning fuzzing,
view 'voiper.config' to see how to enable this. 

In this release fuzzers were added for REGISTER, NOTIFY and SUBSCRIBE as well as new
fuzzers for CANCEL and ACK that aim to get the device into a state where it is expecting
a CANCEL or ACK before fuzzing it. 

For the moment the fuzzer incorporates tests for 
 - SIP INVITE (3 different test suites)
 - SIP ACK (Dumb and 'smart' versions)
 - SIP CANCEL (Dumb and 'smart' versions)
 - SIP request structure 
 - SDP over SIP

This translates to well over 200,000 generated tests covering all SIP attributes 
specified in RFC 3261 for the given messages. 

It includes other features such as 
 - Protocol and process based crash detection and recording
 - Fuzzer pause/restart functionality (SFF) 
 - Supports clients that require registration prior to fuzzing
 - Simple to expand to new protocols 
 - As far as possible, protocol compliance 
 - Target process control (SFF)

SFF : Provided as part of the Sulley Fuzzing Framework, in some cases with my modifications
and fixes

I would like to thank a number of people for their assistance in the development of this software:

- Terron Williams for providing extensive, detailed and invaluable feedback during the beta 
testing as well as being a source of encouragement
- Ian S. for helping debug several crashes cause by VoIPER
- Pedram Amini and Aaron Portnoy for their work on the Sulley Fuzzing Framework 
- Various people on the SmashTheStack and OverTheWire networks that helped in testing

Feedback, suggestions, requests, comments and critisism are all more than welcome and can be sent
to nnp[at symbol]

7 October 2008

nnp@voiper-0.07$ cat CHANGELOG.txt 
	- SIP INVITE tests (request line, basic headers, all headers, SDP)
	- SIP OPTIONS tests
	- SIP INVITE Cancelling
	- SIP Crash detection (OPTIONS based)
	- RFC 4475 torture tool
	- Crash replay tool
	- Client registration support
	- ACK messages for responses
	- Inline documentation on pretty much all functions

	- Fuzzing of multiple Via headers (SIP)
	- Fuzzing of line folding (SIP)
	- Fuzzing of multiple routes (SIP)
	- Fuzzing of multple record-route headers (SIP)
	- Enhanced the request line fuzzer (SIP)
	- Added '-s' command line option to fuzzer to allow skipping of tests
	- Add sent_data to the cancel queue instead of rendered data
	- Support for all 45 headers defined in RFC 3261
	- Created that replicates the functionality of script of Sulley for *nix systems
	- Added several legos to Sulley increasing # tests to nearly 200,000
	- Separated SIP utilities into their own module
	- Made a number of changes to Sulley, see the end of the README for full details

v0.03 (Private Beta 1)
	- GUI for Windows
	- Made even more changes to Sulley to facilitate the GUI, mainly in sulley/sulley/
	- You can now use target restarting facility along with the waiting for client registration stuff
	- *BUGFIX* Fixed missing '<' and '>' in INVITE_COMMON From and To fields
	- *BUGFIX* Fixed missing '<' in INVITE_COMMON Contact field
	- *BUGFIX* Added a debug handler in * for unscheduled exits that aren't picked up as access violations
	- Added '-c' and '-t' options to to allow the CANCEL messages for SIP INVITE requests to be generated

v0.04 April 21st 2008 (First public release)
	- *BUGFIX* Added code to create the session directory if it doesn't exist, instead of just falling over
	- *BUGFIX* Added check for existence of '-t' option to if '-c' is present
	- Removed notification to the user that UDP data truncation is taking place
	- *BUGFIX* Fixed error where the 'Stop' button on the GUI wasn't functioning
	- Changed the crash detection mechanism so that it accepts any response from the target as a sign it is still alive. 		
	Previously it would only accept a response to the OPTIONS request sent. This seems to reduce false positives without
	effecting the accuracy of detection.
	- Fixed some formatting issues with logging
	- Changed logging to use 24 hour format
	- *BUGFIX* Added support for logging level 2 to the GUI. It now pauses the fuzzer correctly on detecting a crash. 
	Restarting is done via the Pause/Restart Button
	- Added T38 support to the SDP fuzzer
	- Removed notification of UDP packet truncation
	- *BUGFIX* Notify procmon and when the 'Stop' button on the GUI is pressed
	- Fixed path issues with sulley/utils/
	- Added help docs to the fuzzers and made them available via the GUI and the command line
	- Removed SDPEncoded fuzzer for now 
	- can now output self contained POC python scripts
	- Integrated the -c and -t options of
	- *BUGFIX* Fixed bug in the order of paramaters being passed to the abstract fuzzer classes
	- Changed the settle in timeout of to 10 seconds
	- Created a basic fuzzer for ACK and CANCEL SIP requests
	- Created USAGE.txt

v0.05 (Final release of this branch. Future releases will be based off of the current dev branch) 
	- User can specify the 'settle in' time to processes restarted by win/
	- Users can specify the maximum length fuzz string to use
	- *BUGFIX* Fixed an import path issue in sulley/s_utils/

v0.06 (I lied...this is the final release of this branch)
        - Changed the post-test sleep to .5 seconds instead of 1. I have no idea why this was set so high

v0.07 (Beta release)
        - Added a bundle of new fuzzers
        - Rewrote the entire SIP backend
        - Added a 'voiper.config' file to allow certain options to be specified to the SIP backend